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Lithvik reformed Privacy Services via Encryption & Anonymity

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Lithvik reformed Privacy Services via Encryption & Anonymity

March 27
12:21 2023
Lithvik reformed Privacy Services via Encryption & Anonymity

Lithvik, a renowned Perception Management, Political Campaigning and Privacy Enforcement Expert, has just announced the reformed Privacy Enforcement Services with further advancement in the field of Encryption and Anonymity

Lithvik Sharma is Group CEO at CryptoMize, a Digital Conglomerate serving Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities, Family Offices, and HNIs

CryptoMize was initially established a decade ago to revolutionize the digital space across the world. Cyber Security is one of the core elements among various services provided by the agency. Recently, the company has upgraded its Privacy Enforcement Services with further advancement in the field of Encryption and Anonymity.

Lithvik specialize in Cyber Security and Information Privacy services provided to individuals from varied elite backgrounds, such as Government officials, MNCs, Politicians, Celebrities, and HNIs. Under Lithvik’s Leadership Cryptomize has expanded across three continents and has served more than 30+ Countries. Hence, the agency has introduced more advanced features under Privacy Enforcement Services to create a safe space for every individual online.

The organization’s ardent conviction lies in Privacy and Online security as a necessity in today’s world. Privacy is an integral aspect of the modern digital age. From individuals to government organizations, everything in the digital world is under constant surveillance whether the entity realizes it or not.

Mr. Lithvik takes the lead by ensuring the client’s privacy is not compromised in any way possible. He and his team maintains the confidentiality and integrity of the data provided by the clients and protects them from personal, professional, or commercial privacy breaches.

Cybercrimes have been a major digital predicament that poses a threat to all the users that share the online space personally or publicly. It is a worldwide issue as numerous hackers and attackers prowl for sensitive information of businesses and even countries. It’s quite common to misuse someone’s information to gain an advantage.

Privacy Enforcement Services focus on preserving privacy and minimizing the impact of cybercrimes. Cryptography is where ordinary plain text is transformed into unintelligible text and vice versa. CryptoMize utilizes cryptography for various purposes that ensures the security of data. Encryption is ensured by employing hashing algorithms, message digest, and various keys in the cryptography process. Each key is special in itself to the message that is being encrypted and decrypted. Decryption is another process that restores encrypted data and returns it to its original state. Only authorized users can decode the data using a secret key or password. It makes sure the receiver’s data stays impervious and untouched during the process of transmission.

According to Statista, “Presently Worldwide, 4.66 billion internet users exist, encompassing around 60% of the global population. This kind of new normal comes with increasing numerous cybersecurity challenges.”

“Cybercrime is a threat to everything from personal information on smartphones to the national security of various countries. We understood the necessity for such a prevailing worldwide problem and employed our cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative solutions to eradicate such threats from their roots. Knowledge is a powerful weapon and can be used against any business or brand. The more someone knows about us, the more power they have over us. That’s where CryptoMize interjects to safeguard and hand over that autonomy to our clients. Privacy Enforcement Services offers the utmost security and safety of our client’s personal data and identity.” – Lithvik, CEO of CryptoMize

Encryption and privacy of data protection the information being exchanged between the servers, be it for individuals or businesses. Sensitive information such as credit card digits and other personal data is safeguarded from misuse through encryption.

Anonymity is another one of the excelling features supporting Privacy Enforcement Services. It is an essential instrument that masks the user’s identity. Anonymity keeps a user’s actions and activities discreet, whereas personal identity stays hidden. Anonymity is crucial to construct a safe interaction where people can express ideas and thoughts freely. It gives a chance to explore new ideas and freely exchange information.

The anonymity offered by Privacy Enforcement Services sets a limit on the power of cybercriminals, hackers, and intruders. This digital era has challenges, such as identity theft, misuse of financial information for malicious purposes, leaking sensitive information etc.

CryptoMize continues to expand its horizons in Security and Privacy Enforcement, staying up to date with the ever-changing technology and the information age.

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