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Spiid Technologies, Inc. a Premier Ride hailing company, launches its ride-hailing app, SpiidRide on Play Store and App Store globally

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Spiid Technologies, Inc. a Premier Ride hailing company, launches its ride-hailing app, SpiidRide on Play Store and App Store globally

January 19
17:53 2023

SpiidRide is a groundbreaking app-based global ride-hailing and light-package delivery service that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer a superior alternative to traditional mobility companies. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, SpiidRide is able to provide a seamless and convenient experience for riders and package recipients alike.

In recent years, the ride-hailing sector has seen explosive growth, with rideshare companies that are currently dominating the space becoming household names and expanding to serve customers in cities around the world. The rise of ride-hailing can be attributed to a number of factors, including the widespread adoption of smartphones, which make it easy for customers to request rides and make payments, and the increasing popularity of the sharing economy, which has made it more convenient and cost-effective for people to share rides rather than owning and operating their own vehicles.

With an eye for innovation, Spiid Technologies, Inc. is taking advantage of this on-demand sector. Additionally, the growing demand for coveted transportation services—particularly in urban areas where public transportation may be limited or unreliable—is providing a fillip for the company. Currently the company’s app is available for download on Play Store and App Store. It’s also pertinent to note that SpiidRide has projected to have over One Hundred Million users across North America, Europe and Africa in the next fiscal

Spiid Technologies, Inc. will focus more on safety, while 82% of its income will go to drivers on all completed rides. Additionally, the company adopted moderate surge hour charges, instant payments to drivers, higher compensation to drivers on rides from 9pm-6am, snow days, and recognized public holidays.

SpiidRide has all the features of the modern-day ride-hailing app designed to generate a fluid user experience for both drivers and riders. Drivers can choose their preferred currency and language from the list of options available on the platform, and can also see their past and current ride history using the trip history page on the driver app.

After completing the ride, the driver can rate the rider based on their experience. Spiid Technologies, Inc. recently revealed a toll fee can be added to a ride fare by drivers. However, the company says this can be skipped if there is no toll fee.

Payout method was made seamless for drivers as they can add multiple payout methods to receive their earnings from the platform. Drivers can also view their weekly and total earnings made on the platform. The app’s dynamic routing helps drivers use the shortest route possible to drop off their riders and save time.

Riders can register into the app by using their mobile number. An OTP will be sent to validate the user. They can pay for their rides using three different methods: cash, credit/debit card, or wallet. There’s also an in-app wallet that helps riders make their transaction faster. They can easily add the money to the wallet.

In order to grow rapidly across the globe, Business minded individuals can buy a franchise with $1m to take over a whole country and remit 25% returns on revenue back to Spiid Ride organization.

Speaking about some of the features for riders, the CEO of Spiid Technologies said: Our rider app displays the estimation of the ride fare before riders can start their ride. We also designed it so that riders receive a reminder to follow the safety precautions before starting their ride. That’s not all, riders can now add extra two stops in addition to their drop-off location while promo codes can be used by the riders to get discounts on their ride”, he said.

Like most other ride-hailing apps, riders on SpiidRide can rate the driver once the ride is completed based on their travel experience. For convenience, riders can save their work and home locations to speed up their ridebooking process.

The app was designed with the safety of riders in mind. Which is why riders can add emergency contact details with whom they can share their ride status in case of an emergency. The SOS assistance allows riders to call 911 or share their location with their emergency contacts.

With its Geo-fencing feature, riders can mark the area on the map integrated into the platform, to decide the region in which their on-demand taxi business can function. The app’s in-app chat function means the riders can communicate with the driver on locations and other ride details without leaving the app.

SpiidRide was designed such that the riders can schedule rides by giving a specific date and time. The scheduled ride can be canceled 20 minutes before the ride begins. The app’s multiple stops options means riders can add two additional stops, excluding the drop-off destination. ”You can book rides instantly or schedule them on behalf of the riders using our admin panel. This feature encourages more audiences to use the platform”, said the CEO. ”Riders can track the drivers’ current location and route using live tracking.”

In its commitment to excelling as leaders in the ride-hailing industry, Spiid Technologies, Inc. has undergone some positive changes within the company over the past few months, including testing its methods and adjusting to recent updates to maintain quality and results for its customers. Today, they can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of affordability, reliability, professionalism, thoughtful solutions, value for money and quality services.

To engage the services of Spiid Technologies’ SpiidRide, visit the company’s website at Riders and Drivers can now download “SpiidRide” on iOS and PlayStore now and enjoy the benefits missing from other rideshare companies.

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