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USS Crypto Pilot NFT Project Sets Free Beyond the Matrix of Deceptions and Limitations

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USS Crypto Pilot NFT Project Sets Free Beyond the Matrix of Deceptions and Limitations

September 16
10:56 2022
USS Crypto Pilot NFT Project Sets Free Beyond the Matrix of Deceptions and Limitations

Today, Universal Space Station Crypto Pilot NFT project unveils the most fascinating and perhaps the greatest utility for its holders that offers complete freedom from the troubles and limitations of humankind. The best way to explain this utility is by using the character of Neo from The  Matrix film as an example. In the Matrix film, Neo was able to surpass his limitations by recognizing his mind’s deceptions. Moreover, he was the only one who could free himself, no one could have done it for him. Similarly, only we can free ourselves from all limitations with the help of the greatest utility in our project.

Using new technologies of our Metaverse/VR environment with ancient wisdom, science, and logic, we are destined to become like Neo. We are creating the second level of Metaverse to prove that you only need to look beyond the mind’s deceptions to see that, like Neo, you have always been limitless, complete, free and happy.

It is amazing how the Crypto age has created previously unimaginable opportunities in finance and technology, revolutionizing just about everything. Yet most don’t know that all these wonderful creations mentioned above are products of imprisoned minds. Most of us are unaware that we are products of our own delusions and self-afflicted limitations. Our constant feelings of insecurity, pain, desire, and above all, the unquenchable dissatisfaction with everything is the proof. Yet, such a mind is still so attached to these fantasies that it cannot see past its own self-inflicted prison, telling you that you have always been free and there is nothing greater than the Matrix it has created. That is the paradox of the limited mind, it can’t imagine any more freedom beyond its own limited way of seeing.  

In the Matrix, Morpheus offered Neo two pills, the blue pill would let him continue living in his delusions or the red pill could help him see beyond the Matrix. Likewise, USS Crypto Pilot offers the same deal. You can continue believing that Crypto Punks, BAYC, and followers on Instagram are the best things you can hope for, or you can choose to use USS Crypto Pilot’s Metaverse/VR platform which can show you the truth of how limitless you and the world really is. Remember, all we are offering you is the truth, nothing more.

USS Crypto Pilots NFT Videos

Are you ready to experience a reality beyond all limitations?

Though our Crypto Pilots are wearing a helmet, we plan to have you take it off when you have experienced that profound transformation in the Metaverse. Only then, will you see the limitless potential you have always had. Each of us has forgotten how similar we are to Neo and is still stuck in our own self-afflicted Matrix, but with this technology combined with facts previously unavailable to us, we can go beyond the Matrix, where complete harmony, peace, and happiness are the norm, and all suffering and conflict are long extinct.

Only when our minds our free and we are all without limitations, can we talk about the true decentralization of systems, web3, and beyond.

“Our fully Doxxed team with the skill of Polygonal Mind Builders of Spain are convinced that this revolutionary scientific breakthrough experience in our Metaverse can end the Russian-Ukrain, the Israeli-Palestinian, and all other world conflicts in minutes. A single exposure to his new material in the VR room improves mental, emotional, sociological, and physical health and makes one nonviolent and with purpose. The best thing about this space is that what is revealed there is universally agreed upon and it does not interfere with people’s religion, philosophy, gender, politics, or preference. This provides the key to a single universal solution to any human-made problem in the world.” Said Alek Balos the CEO of Vast Self Charity.

Vast Self Corporation spoke person says: “There are many additional perks to the holders of our NFT, they are not limited to: Crypto Pilot Coin, 1 free NFT, Mobile APP, Swap, 2.5% of passive income, many prizes and the satisfaction that you are helping yourself and the world in ways previously impossible to imagine.”

Please join our Discord movement and be part of this peaceful revolution for harmony and prosperity for all Earthlings.

For more info please visit:

About Vast Self Charity:

Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose sole purpose is to restore peace and happiness in the World. This is accomplished by demonstrating how all personal and World problems can be eliminated permanently by recognizing the single reason responsible for their existence. We aim to provide educational tools that will serve all individuals, and organizations seeking permanent solutions to personal and World problems.

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