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Rerun the Legend of New York, EIC Reinitiating Epoch-making Urban Upgrading

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Rerun the Legend of New York, EIC Reinitiating Epoch-making Urban Upgrading

July 20
18:37 2022

Looking around the world, with the Double-Carbon goal becoming the development strategy of major powers competing with each other in the world, green finance and sustainable development have undoubtedly become the pillar of our Country and become a new economic growth pole.

On July 18, a Summit Forum with the theme of “Green Finance and Sustainable Future” was held in the EIC Exhibition Hall along the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. Global experts from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Washington, D.C., and London, including Professor PAN Jiahua (Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Matthew Gasmer (COO of IFC) , Dr. MA Jun (IFS), Dr. Li Zhiqing (School of economics, Fudan University), Ms. ZHAO Bingbing (Chief representative of Greater China, London & Partners), and the Senior Executives such as NIO’s, Foster+Partners’, WELL’s and LEED’s participated in the Summit

Forum by connecting or attending, and jointly witnessed the Super Micro City.-EIC Launch.


Opportunities in Double-Carbon and Green

New Leading Landmark from an International Perspective

2021 is called the “The First Year of Carbon Neutralization”. The essence of Carbon Neutralization is to fundamentally rebuild China’s future economic development model. The innovative application of science and technology around low-carbon, green, sustainable development and new energy has become the biggest driving force for China’s economic development, and the innovative development of green finance has also become an important topic in the new era.

At the Forum, Professor PAN Jiahua ( Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) made a strategic analysis of the path of China’s sustainable economic development under his lofty purposive mind; COO Matthew Gasmer(IFC)and Ms. ZHAO Bingbing (London & Partners) inspired the guests by their speeches on the rise of the Financial Metropolis -New York and the development of City of Fog-London to the Financial City; President MA Jun ( IFS) and Dr. Li Zhiqing (School of economics, Fudan University ) explained the significance and future development of green finance in China and the Yangtze River Delta from a professional levelrespectively; In addition, General Manager FAN Hongyin ( Zhejiang Region,NIO) also elaborated his views on new energy enterprises and green financial innovation from the aspect of industrial implementation.


The Forum was full of diverse views and real complement, showing everyone a panorama of green finance and sustainable development. This is due to the fact that EIC, the Host of this Summit Forum, is also a firm practitioner of the path of green development. As a new Financial Micro City designed solely with advanced concepts and world-class configurations, EIC is committed to the green, low-carbon and sustainable development 20 years ahead of Hangzhou by planning smart energy systems, creating three-dimensional greening, and encouraging new energy vehicles developing in the Park.

Legend isNot Just From New York

Momentum Rising, Qiantang Riverside

Speaking of green finance and sustainable development, the key lies in the three core elements of green, science & technology, and finance. Only by developing green science & technology, we can achieve sustainable development; Only by strengthening green finance, we can promote green technology. Just as with financial means, we can adjust the direction of industry, allocate resources and achieve sustainable development, the significance of green finance is also here.

Matthew Gamser, Chief Operating Officer of IFC, shared a story about New York in his keynote speech. He mentioned that the Erie Canal, which costed $7million to be opened in 1825, recovered its construction cost in only 10 years. The reason behind this is that the issuance of Erie Canal bonds has aroused the enthusiasm of Wall Street and obtained sufficient funds. More importantly, it has permanently changed the flow of business in the United States. As a Port City, New York has rapidly risen to become a world-class Financial City. This shows the resource regulation effect of finance.


Therefore, the development of green finance has become the consensus of countries, large enterprises and elites all over the world. Last year, the “British European Innovation Accelerator” jointly built by G5 under JIANGONG and IFC has been located in EIC to promote the implementation of “Double-Carbon”, “Green” and sustainable development project; This year, under the background that green finance has become the outlet of economic development and ESG (Environment, Society, Governance)investment has become the mainstream investment trend in the international market, EIC has established the “ESG Reception Hall, Hangzhou”. As a world-class super complex that will lead Hangzhou in the next 20 years, EIC is bound to rerun the legend of the rise of New York’s industry due to finance and become a new financial and science & technology landmark with world influence in promoting the development of green finance.

Super Financial Micro City with 500,000 m2

Economic Highland of Creating the Future and Affecting the World

EIC has adhered to the concept of sustainable development design, built green low-carbon buildings, pursued the harmonious integration of man and nature, and promoted the development of building green low-carbon buildings in EIC from the beginning of its positioning.

For example: EIC has been benchmarking the norms and standards of the United States and Britain since its planning. All buildings, curtain walls, electromechanical, interior decoration standards, landscape settings, etc. are unconventional, with more than twice the domestic standards.

At the same time, with great cost and investment, it has gathered international top enterprises such as Foster+Partners, AECOM, BPI, WSP, HBA and so on to form a design “Sky Group”. Taking the world-class buildings such as Canary Wharf in London, Rockefeller Center, World Trade Center as the standard, it shows the world-class hard core technology.

In EIC: The Rain Shed is designed solely with “Monroe skirt style” and streamline one-piece cantilevered structure; The Curtain Wall is designed solely with the same type with Apple Store’s; The Crystal Glass is designed solely with the world’s largest single width size; The Office Lobby is designed solely with three-story high and theater style structure; The Welcome and Drop-off Area is designed solely with hall level, cars can drive into the building; The Super Lobby is designed solely with borderless and Social Hub style; The SkyPark is designed solely with 9 meters high… 

To realize these scenarios at the same time, it is not only necessary to have strong global suppliers, but also need rigorous and meticulous process management and rich operation experience to successfully build an international landmark by combining so many “international big fishes”.


It is noteworthy that EIC insists on “Advanced Design” in the big context of Double-Carbon and green sustainable development.

For example: Central Landscape Square with 6000 m2, Three Storey Podium with Super Large Roof Garden, Sky Health Runway with 800 m2, Vertical Greening with three-dimensional garden level, Top Roof Garden with luxury landscape and Green Space with more than 14000 m2, which are set up in this Micro City; and the “Forest Micro City” is directly placed on the Bank of Qiantang river.

In terms of space design, with the “Borderless” and “Senseless Access” modes: Borderless between the Lobby and Podium; Borderless between indoor and outdoor; The Borderless between the auxiliary building and Podium; The Borderless between the ground and underground; The Borderless among the living, office and business…. In order to achieve the mixed working mode of Europe & America style, and create an efficient super green community of “8 hours of work, 8 hours of life and 8 hours of social interaction”.

In addition, EIC is also equipped with smart systems, such as wireless sensor technology installed in the buildings to deal with the special situations that may occur in the future, such as the restricted use of traditional petrochemical vehicles, the doors and windows on-off control in the case of excessive PM2.5 or public health events.

In fact, EIC has received both the WELL Gold Precertification and the LEED Gold Precertification. At this Forum, the Senior Executives of WELL and LEED also spoke highly of EIC. EIC can greatly show us that the real scenario of business life 20 years later is green, low-carbon, digital, smart and international.

With star of ocean in mind, aspiring to the prosperous future.

Based on the concept of green finance and sustainable development, EIC attracts global advanced industries, companies and top talents with an open, inclusive and diversified attitude, builds an international industrial platform, and creates an economic highland with global competitiveness.

All efforts are for the Fortune 500, everything has just begun and is worth looking forward to…

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