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CEA Staff Stick to Posts in 41.6 °C Heat Wave

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CEA Staff Stick to Posts in 41.6 °C Heat Wave

July 15
05:56 2022

Recently, Shanghai has continued to experience intense summer heat. Shrouded by the heat wave, the apron features a surface temperature even higher than the air temperature.

CEA sees its staff working despite the hot weather. CEA’s maintenance personnel stay at their posts, though their skin is burning in the sun. CEA’s ground service personnel are working hard even though their protective suits are soaked with sweat and their faces are covered with sweat. The well-groomed cabin cleaning personnel are carrying out disinfection and cleaning meticulously. The gate staff are going back and forth for security checks. They are ordinary ones among thousands of workers, but each of them shoulders the responsibility of rendering safe trips for every passenger.

Coping with the summer heat can not be ignored while working hard. Recently, CEA Beijing Branch sent “cooling” materials such as mineral water, drinks and ice cream to front-line staff, and adjusted staff scheduling to avoid fatigue and heatstroke of staff to the greatest extent.

In spite of the scorching sun, CEA staff always stick to their posts to ensure the safe take-off and landing of each flight. The glittering professionalism of CEA’s front-line staff are more dazzling than the blazing sun.

As the temperature rises, flight operations gradually enter the peak season. Since June, CEA’s daily number of flights has recovered, reaching more than 1,000 flights per day.

At the end of June, the Chinese government released the latest COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control plan. It clearly states that overseas travelers will undergo a “7+3”-day quarantine, which has been successively implemented nationwide as of July 7, instead of a “14+7” one, further easing the entry restrictions. Airlines have gradually intensified investment in international flights with the change of pandemic prevention policy and market demand. According to the July international route plan recently released by CEA, from 0:00 on July 1, 2022 to 24:00 on July 31, 2022, CEA and Shanghai Airlines can operate 22 international routes every week, involving the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Bangladesh.

(The flight plans of the above countries may be subject to the policies. For details, please refer to CEA’s official website or APP for the latest flight information).

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