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The Online Company Seabury House Launches a 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiving Challenge

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The Online Company Seabury House Launches a 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiving Challenge

July 13
15:26 2022
Terri Pease has recently started the online company named Seabury House to share her thoughts about Parkinson’s caregiving derived from her own experience. Now, the company offers a useful program called 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiving Challenge.

USA – July 13, 2022 – Despite being a new company, the way Seabury House has come up to help caregivers of patients with Parkinson’s disease, is commendable. Terri Pease started the online company with the hope to share her real-time caregiving experience when her husband was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She intends to help people learn how to take care of themselves when having a wife or husband with Parkinson’s disease. Now, looking at the people’s need for this help, the company introduces a 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiving Challenge which is designed to make one feel much better while taking care of partners with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s caregiving is indeed a difficult task. Caregiver burnout is a natural phenomenon when you are supposed to take care of your partner who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Terri herself has been a wife of a husband with Parkinson’s disease. So, she, on Seabury House’s official website shares her experiences on how she used to give her 100% love and care. But, still, even after the shower of love and care, she used to feel burnt out and her husband’s condition was getting worse.

According to her statement, Parkinson’s disease grew like an ugly force that was separating her from her husband. Her marriage was at stake. At that time, she luckily got help from her husband’s OT therapist. She suggested how to take care of oneself while taking care of a person with the disease. With her help, she overcame the odds and was able to provide enough care to her husband while keeping her sanity intact. The love between them emerged once again since she started to invest her energy in self-care a little bit.

She had got her Ph.D. degree in Human development which helped her and her husband to live a happy and dignified life even when the disease was at its worst. Later, her husband grew old and one day, his long life came to an end. According to Terri, “After my husband’s death at age 84, I decided to share the things I’d discovered with other caregivers. Applying what I’d learned in my work with adults who lived with brain injuries and developmental difficulties helped me, and I realized these things would help other caregivers too.”

The 21-day Parkinson’s Caregiving Challenge is going to be one of the most useful products of a series of supportive products specific to the caregivers’ requirements while taking care of their partners with Parkinson’s disease. This email challenge is going to solve the problems of many. The challenge costs around $195.00. But, currently, Terri is giving away a huge discount with a reduced cost of $48.75. The discounted offer is for a limited period.

Seabury House produces effective meditations, publications, and programs for Parkinson’s caregivers. Being the brainchild of Traci Pease who took care of her husband who had Parkinson’s disease for 22 years, Seabury House is a reliable online company that supports Parkinson’s caregiving.  Along with helping people with the 21-day challenge and other programs, Terri is about to launch a new book from Seabury House, named “Your Parkinson’s Life: A Realistic Guide for Caregivers.”

About the company

Seabury House is an online company run by Terri Pease which helps the caregivers of Parkinson’s disease patients with effective meditations, books, and programs.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Seabury House
Contact Person: Terri Pease, Ph.D.
Email: Send Email
Phone: +01 312 613 6676
Country: United States

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