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Indian Government provides Indian Medical e-Visa, Tourist e-Visa, and Business e-Visa for citizens of 180 eligible countries

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Indian Government provides Indian Medical e-Visa, Tourist e-Visa, and Business e-Visa for citizens of 180 eligible countries

July 05
14:27 2022

The Government of India launched electronic travel authorization, which allows citizens from 180 eligible nations to apply for India Visa Online. Foreign citizens can apply for an Indian medical e-visa, tourist e-Visa, and business e-Visa based on their purpose of visit.

Indian Visa Application Online helps people to complete the application within a few minutes. The process is completely online and the applicant will receive an e-Visa to their email. It is an effortless, time-saving, and user-friendly method of the Visa Application process, which can be done from anywhere using a mobile. An individual can visit, fill out the application form, upload necessary documents and submit the application. Some amount of fees will also be charged, which can be paid using a credit/debit card.

Indian Visa for Business

Indian Business Visa allows people to enter India for business-related purposes. The Indian Government launched an electronic business Visa to boost business travel to India by increasing the number of international visitors. Business e-Visa can be used for trade, sales or purchases, attending business meetings, organizing tours, and establishing a business, or industrial venture. It can also be used to take part in exhibitions and business or trade shows. An Indian Business e-Visa is a 2-entry Visa, which allows foreign citizens to stay in India for up to 180 days. One of the important things to remember while choosing this Visa is that it is not extendable and convertible. Mostly, the applicant will receive the Business e-Visa within 24 hours after completing the application. To make sure that sufficient time is provided for processing, an applicant must apply for an e-Visa before four business days.

Indian Visa for Medical Visit

Indian medical e-Visa is for those people who want to visit India to get medical treatment or consultation. India offers medical tourism for many foreign nationalities. Since the medical treatment cost is much cheaper in India when compared to other nations, many foreign citizens come to India for treatment. Indian medical e-Visa serves them for this purpose, to make short-term visits to India. A separate medical attendant Visa is available for those who accompany the patient for treatment. A medical attendant Visa can be issued to two people who are accompanying the patient. These Visas are valid for 60 days from the date the applicants enter India.  A medical e-Visa will be issued within four days after the application, but it is better to make the application within 4 to 7 days.

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