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September 17
17:30 2014
A collection that is truly Indian and finds its strength in everything native with a flavour that is refreshing and brand new in its perspective and approach.

Welcome to Imageskart, a known stock photo portal that has bought solutions to many a creative pursuits India wide and worldwide. It has geared up yet again to bring an impressive array of pictures which breathes India all through. Its soul is soaked in every associated image of India whether it is the saffron of the ‘tilak’ or the ethereal beauty of the white or the lush green of the fields or the cumulative colours of the flag.

Warm colours and warmer and happier pictures enclosing the festive spirits, the hustle of everyday lives, the rural resplendence or the urban chic; everything has been shot, snapped and showcased. A kaleidoscope of visuals would shake your senses, tug at your heart and make your heart grow fond! There is an inherent character in every frame that speaks authenticity and a distinct ethnicity of India.

The diversity in the culture of India has been losing some of its sheen in the mindless aping of the west but the new breed of corporate has bought back the trend to revert back to the roots to find success. With its wholehearted appraisal to the endeavour, Imageskart too believes in the uniqueness of the Indian images and realises the trend to go for the ‘Indian touch’. And therefore has suitably stocked up on Indian images.

Much of the appeal has been possible because of the visionary direction of the company’s founder Mr Rajesh Goyal who have never quite parted with his proud Indian ways. He continues to guide and support us in this amazing niche with his rich experience and legacy. Taking the baton from him, the team continues to capture the Indian essence in its pictures and strives to amaze people through it.

India is so much more than a handful of rural shots; it is so much more than the new corporate front, clicking Indian pictures has become an institution, a niche that we rigorously want to tap. A different kind of sensibility has been adapted to make such images happen. It involves being proud in being Indian and in appreciating everything Indian.

The company hopes that collaborators and buyers would see in the same light and has already garnered sufficient support through its teasers around social media. Much furore has also been generated internationally with such fabulous Indian pictures. We continue to inspire photographers to click India and henceforth fill the void in the industry where such pictures have been badly missed. So, embrace and check out the new India through the Imageskart lens!

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