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Dare to Pioneer and Innovate Continuously to Promote Better and Faster Development of Land Planning – Interview with Ning De, Land Planning and Design Engineer

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Dare to Pioneer and Innovate Continuously to Promote Better and Faster Development of Land Planning – Interview with Ning De, Land Planning and Design Engineer

January 07
23:20 2022
Reporter: Tong Xin

Land resources are the material carrier for our survival and development, and the material source for people’s survival and production. However, as a natural resource, land has natural attributes such as non-renewable, fixed geographical location, limited quantity, irreplaceability, and long-term use. With the gradual development of the times, the population is increasing and the population base continues to increase. Economic development, including agriculture, commerce, industry, etc., requires more and more land. At present, the land resources at the disposal of mankind are becoming less and less, and the conflicts between land demand and supply are constantly deepening. At the same time, some improper development and utilization by humans have caused serious land pollution and ecological damage. In our country’s national land work, land planning and land use overall planning guide the direction of land use, which is related to the development of the country’s economic lifeline and the changes in our living environment. Therefore, it is of great significance to plan and use land resources.

In recent years, many outstanding land resource planning experts have emerged in our country. Mr. NING De is one of the most outstanding. He graduated from the Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences of Peking University with a postgraduate degree. He is a Professorate Senior Engineer and Senior Economist. He has worked in Guangxi Qinzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources and Guangxi Land and Resources Planning Institute. He has many years of land planning business management and professional technical work experience. Profound professional education experience and rich work experience also gave him a deep understanding of the pain points and difficulties in the development of the industry. With the continuous accumulation and expansion of his own professional knowledge and the continuous development of social economy, NING De has seized the opportunity of the development of the industry. Since 2011, he has started his entrepreneurial road and became an entrepreneur who entered the land planning industry earlier in China. Guangxi Mingde Space Planning and Design Co., Ltd. he established has also become a leading and exemplary space planning and design enterprise in China.

NING De’s great contribution to the land resource planning industry is not only undertaking and carrying out land planning and design projects one after another, but also reflected in his forward-looking thinking ahead of the times. In terms of theoretical research, he has published many insightful papers in many domestic professional journals such as Land and Resources of Southern China, China Land Science and The Earth over the years. Among them, his paper “Effectively Guaranteeing Industrial Land to Promote Stable and Rapid Economic Development” has attracted much attention. After detailed introduction and analysis of the situation of industrial land security in Guangxi and the situation of industrial land security in Guangxi in the past three years, this thesis puts forward a series of suggestions to effectively protect industrial land, including speeding up the revision of the overall land plan, optimizing the layout of industrial land, initiating the preparation of the national land plan for the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, guiding the development of industrial agglomeration, improving the mechanism for the decomposition and quantification of industrial land indicators, and guaranteeing land for major industrial projects. It has had a very positive impact on effectively improving the utilization efficiency of industrial land and meeting the needs of industrial land, and it has also provided many new ideas for the development of the industry, which is extremely leading. Industry experts believe that this paper opened a new chapter in the steady and rapid development of Guangxi’s land economy.

In terms of work practice and scientific research innovation, NING De has seen new ideas for land resource planning and construction from the development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in recent years, and has accelerated the pace of research and development, popularization and application of intelligent technologies. So far, he has developed a number of original scientific and technological achievements such as ARCMAP-based Efficient Management System of Planning and Design Data, Intelligent Land Spatial Analysis and Planning Platform Based on Spatio-temporal Big Data, and GIS-based Automated Land Space Planning and Optimization System. These achievements have been put into the practice of industrialization. Dozens of well-known domestic colleges and universities, as well as more than ten provincial-level land and resources management agencies, and more than 100 municipal-level land and resources management departments have introduced these technological achievements, which greatly promoted the innovative development of the land resource planning industry, and greatly improved the efficiency and quality of land resource planning and utilization.

When talking about the core issues of land and space planning reform, NING De said that under the current background of land reform, China has entered a new “big land era” from the past “small land era”. For the Ministry of Land and Resources, this is a great progress and upgrade, and the reform of the mechanism also marked to a certain extent that China’s economic development has shifted from being dominated by land finance to a new development model dominated by ecological civilization. China’s urbanization process has gradually moved from the stage of land urbanization to the stage of “human urbanization”, and is about to achieve a fundamental transformation from an incremental type to a stock type. Land and space planning should focus on spatial balance, forming a more reasonable regional organization, and achieving sustainable development goals. Land and space planning should give priority to intensive and protection, and use fewer newly-added construction land indicators to support the new economic aggregate growth. For this reason, in future land and space planning work, we must fully consider the sustainable development and application of natural resources and the ecological environment. In this regard, advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence will be promising. It leads the future development direction and trend of natural resource management, and this is also the focus of NING De’s next work.

As an outstanding senior engineer of land planning and design, NING De’s achievements in theoretical research, work practice, and technology research and development have been widely concerned and highly affirmed by many experts, scholars and colleagues at home and abroad. In some professional campaigns of national awards, he has undisputedly received honors, such as the First Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Land Use Planning of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Autonomous Region Land Administration Bureau, etc. However, NING De has never been satisfied with this. At the end of the interview, NING De stated that he would continue to develop more intelligent technological achievements that meet the needs of the industry and meet the characteristics of the development of the times, and continued to make greater contributions to the development of the industry.

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