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Bylo: A New Web3 DeFi Trading App

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Bylo: A New Web3 DeFi Trading App

December 01
22:06 2021

A new DeFi app is under development that will give regular ERC-20 token traders new leverage in the altcoin space.  The app, named Bylo, will allow users to make fast exchanges directly with decentralized exchange (DEX) routers, while still leveraging the liquidity provided by the DEX.

Bylo is a Web3 application started by a frustrated token trader who had difficulty securing his position on token launches because of the encumbering and limited user experiences innate to DeFi exchanges.  Slippage, gas and approvals were all factors that slowed down his process and pushed him further from his position on every trade attempt.  Bylo aims to hasten the trading experience by solving the problems presented by cumbersome user experiences that can impact trade positioning.

Bylo features include presetting maximum gwei (gas costs), full control of slippage (up to 100%), bypassing antiquated confirmation screens, and doing this all with native in app code for faster throughput.  The developer says that they also plan to add an auto-sell feature based on stop-loss monitoring, and more.

Behind the scenes of these features, Bylo uses its own high speed cloud nodes to add Ethereum network transactions, which decreases the latency time on making and replacing requests, and avoids centralized dependence on mainstream Ethereum network nodes like Infura.

Currently in its alpha stages under iOS development, this tool will be a mobile-first experience with a subsequent release for the Android operating system. A browser extension will also follow for major browser applications to support desktop trades.

The Bylo app will be free to use for the general public once it is fully released.  Advanced, upgraded features will be unlocked for subscribers who pay a monthly cost in $BYLO token.  The application and its use case will be supported by its investor community who will share token launches and their trading experiences in Bylo’s Telegram and Discord groups.

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