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JASMINER X4 is highly stable of the mining machine

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JASMINER X4 is highly stable of the mining machine

November 30
20:26 2021

The price-performance ratio of the mining machine is competitive, and the JASMINER X4 emerges

A good mining machine is half the battle and is a prerequisite for digging more coins to make more money. In the mining machine market, there are a dazzling array of mining machines, and they all say they are very good, so how to choose a mining machine with higher cost performance? Must the mining machine with high computing power and low power consumption be the most cost-effective?

Experts said that when buying a mining machine, miners should not only care about computing power, but must consider many aspects, because it is related to the cost of miners. Generally, the price of mining machines on the market fluctuates according to the currency price, but the specific price will be calculated in the unit of computing power. Nowadays, some machines with super high computing power on the market are very attractive in publicity, but the price is not particularly affordable. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to buy multiple mining machines with small computing power. Therefore, when judging whether the price of a mining machine is reasonable, you can refer to the market price per terabyte of computing power for a horizontal comparison.

Before communicating with miners, found that when buying a machine, often ask about the parameters of the mining machine. On the surface, it is indeed the best machine with high computing power and low power consumption, but it is not. At the current stage, it is difficult to make big progress in the production of mining machine chip technology. Therefore, the average mining machine has no big difference in computing power and power consumption, but there is a significant difference in price. Take the 14t machine on the market and the 11.5t machine for comparison. Although the difference between the two is 2.5t, the actual output is about four digits after the decimal point. The specific benefits are not much, but the maximum difference in machine prices is about 10,000, and the return cycle will be one month longer. For example, a mining machine with a computing power of 5120T, the price of the whole machine is about 7 million yuan, but if you replace it with a 13.5T mining machine, you can buy 411 units, which is equivalent to 5548T of computing power. Therefore, when choosing a mining machine, it is necessary to compare the price per T horizontally, instead of blindly pursuing high computing power and choosing according to the cost-effectiveness.

So, how do miners learn to calculate income and return to the current cycle? Take JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER as an example, the market price is 68000, the computing power is 520MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is about 240 W. We calculate the electricity fee at 0.3 yuan, and Jasmine’s daily currency output is about 0.010666 ETH/day. Based on the current currency price of 26908.8 yuan, the daily income generated by the Jasmine X4 is 287.02 yuan. The daily electricity consumption is about 5.76 kilowatt-hours, and each kilowatt-hour of electricity is about 0.3 yuan, and the electricity bill for a day is about 1.73 yuan. Therefore, the daily cost of mining is about 1.73 yuan, and the daily net income of mining is 285.29 yuan. The return period is about 238.35 days (without considering the price fluctuation factor). The net income of the mining machine can be seen by comparing the daily profit. Therefore, in the current mining machine market, JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER can be called “the king of cost performance”.

Therefore, when considering the comprehensive cost performance of a mining machine, it is not only the computing power and power consumption, but also the calculation of the return cycle, investment and recovery time. Only by recovering the cost in the shortest time can we invest more peace of mind.

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