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Curriculum Vitae: First Key to Crack Job Interview

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Curriculum Vitae: First Key to Crack Job Interview

November 06
10:38 2013

cvNovember 6 – Have you ever given a thought over the resume you are carrying along with you so to crack a job interview? If yes, then scope of success is apparent but if not, then it is the time to get a bit serious.

Curriculum vitae is the first thing that is noticed by employers and HR persons of various companies. We all are aware with the saying – First impression is the last impression. The saying fits accurately here. CV throws light on your sincerity towards work, projects done in the past and achievements. If entire accomplishments are mentioned aptly on a resume, then ball is in your court.

However, a few important points shall be kept in mind while preparing a CV for a job interview and it is suggested because in current scenario, CV is circulated from one concerning person to other via emails. Before you visit an office with its hard copy for cracking an interview, it has already been read and examined by the employers who have asked you to come for the job interview. Best is the option to keep a resume simple but full of facts & reality. Instead of bragging on the topic of total experience, jot down the tasks what you have undertaken throughout that period but it should be done succinct ways.

Try to read the mind of employer. The point – what someone is actually looking for? – should clearly be understood. Mention relevant experience in the Curriculum Vitae for sure as this helps bosses of the company know whether you are eligible for the opening at their place or not.

Rather than making a 3 to 4 page long CV, try to write down all important points within two pages only. This practice is recommended as none has the time to go through the entire points mentioned from beginning to end. A two page resume is though good and offers immense space to the candidate to mention accurate stuffs in systematic ways. Zest of the paragraph is motivate others to make a concise resume, content of which should exactly be ‘to the point’.

An honest representation of “reason for leaving” the earlier job fetches attention of the employers. In case you want to change job due to mass layoff or any other bothering reasons, then instead of making things difficult and vague, be clear on this note. The attitude of being fearless is liked.

Freelance and contract works should also be mentioned briefly. In the nutshell, a CV should be written in a way that it could spellbind employers. It shouldn’t be too short, neither too lengthy as similar to that of an autobiography. Choose a pattern that is not messy and gives space to the eyes of readers who are going through the matters mentioned in your Curriculum vitae.

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